- Rex on top of a building, ready to commit suicide

Apperance Edit

Rex looks like a grey sheperd dog with an huge hole in his suit's belly, exposing his chest endoskeleton...He's also missing his left ear and his tail's suit...He also has a few holes in his suits scatered around the body

Personality Edit

He's nice but mean most of the time

He has anger issues

He is shy

Can go depressive easily

Backstory Edit

Rex was being created in a lab by scientist to test a new endoskeleton...But they finally thought he would be dangerous for the kids cause he was created to go entertain kids in a restaurant so the scientist began tearing him up one night...

Story so Far Edit

Rex woke up in the lab, in his current state, there was no one around and he was wondering why wasn't he dead already...So he got up and found a way out of the lab...One day later, he found the camp and got welcome by everyone...When he met Flora he fell inlove with her...Like Foxy...He has a big rivalry against Foxy, When Flora left the camp for a while, he got depressed and almost killed himself...But when she came back, he got back his happiness...Another day...He found out that Flora was pregnant with Foxy's child...So he got to his most important depressive state and started to live in the corner of an abandoned building...If he didn't met Licorice, he would have already suicided and been dead...Now he's living with his new girlfriend, Licorice

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