"Feminists are gonna kill ME if I did that" (Victoria talking about turning Rocky into a female)

Basic Information:

Victoria is a 16 year old girl who is also friends with most of the crew. She is mostly a genius and hacker, creating stuff and doing researches. Victoria has the ability to transform into any supernatural creature due to her drinking a potion she made. Victoria is usually either doing a research in her lab or just exploring around the supernatural worlds.


Victoria was a student with some of her friends like Jaqueline, she lived with her siblings and her mother, she then decided to build a lab becsuse of her love of science, Victoria made a lot of researches and sometimes used them for science in her school.


A Redhead with Gemstone Green eyes, sometimes with nerdy glasses on. She can switch outfits often, no main outfit. She usually has her hair straight but sometimes in thick curls. She carries around a bag which has some unexpected stuff inside like a laser pistol, a knife, a potion, etc.


Extremely smart, Nice, Serious when in danger, usually calm.




hacking, science, her lab, her friends, Ryan, etc.


Shadow Bonnie, Purple man/Vincent, people who hate her, etc.

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