"i dont wanna"

-unknown traumatized

Unknown is a human-like animatronic, he has 3 long metalic hair, colored like a phantom animatronic and eyes like sonic.exe

Backstory Edit

He was supposed to be an animatronic in the game area but it was too scary so he was thrown away to parts and service with Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Freddy.

Modes Edit

Normal: Title says it all.

Rage: When Unknown gets this mode, a red aura appears and his eyes are fully red, when he gets this form he only wants to destroy the one who made him angry.

Insane: When unknown gets this mode his eyes are white and his head starts twitching, he even plays the toreador march during this mode.

Likes Edit

Fighting, his katanas, making stuff and nice pepole.

Dislikes Edit

Purple Guy, anything that makes him angry.

Unknown's battle theme Edit

Sonic Heroes - What I'm Made of - Crush 40

Sonic Heroes - What I'm Made of - Crush 40

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