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"...I hate you, you damn hedgehog..."

-Shadow being angry at Sonic for making him tell that he had a crush on Xira


He looks like the Shadow we know


He is often mean, depressive, angry and sometime crazy...

But when he's with Xira he's nice and all of that


Has the same backstory as the original Shadow the Hedgehog

Story so Far[]

Shadow and Sonic were training until a random portal apeared and they both got sucked in and got separated from Sonic, he walked around for a while until G.U.N found him and blamed him for getting them here...he escaped and reached the facility, after his first day, he met Xira and fell inlove with her, he now tries to win her heart...


-Shadow.exe may apear

-He hates people that gets TOO friendly with Xira

-He hates people that insults him, his family or Xira

-He's half alien, half hedgehog, half android