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sackboy is the go-happy doll of the little big planet series,he looks like a yarn doll with zipper in his chest,he looks like a friendly friend but,he has a dark side too

the happy looking doll:sackboy


sackboy with the grabinators

popit:its the source of all of the stuff he carries,its like a backpack but its infinite,he can even make houses with it

creatinator:his shooting weapon,he can put anything in there like fireballs,water,bombs,etc

grapling hook:sackboy uses this to climb up mountains and grab stuff,its a very useful weapon when a wall stands in your way

grabinator:when sackboy puts these things in his hands he gains extra power in his hands,he can lift,from big rocks to a big monster!

popit cursor:in game,he can grab anything and make it big or smaller and can remove things but that will make it too op so,with the popit cursor,he can copy someones costume and when he puts the costume on,he can gain the abilities of the costumes

sackboy with the grapple hook

forms []

sackboy(normal):title says it all

sackboy.exe(evil):when someone awakens his evil side,he will transform into sackboy.exe,he looks like the normal sackboy but his eyes are red,his smile is red too and he is all black,he will kill anything in his path

sackboy.unzipped(devil):wondering what happends if you unzip sackboy? well,now you know,this form looks like sackboy.exe but its red with black eyes and smile and with a big hole in his chest cuz is unzipped,he can even grow very big in the form

sackboy in his evil form:sackboy.exe

sackboy in is devilish form:sackboy.unzipped