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Jekyll and Hyde - Confrontation

Regina's theme

Regina has had many forms and shapes, once going so far as to change himself into a baby or change gender!

standard adult rocky[]

standard rocky is a pyromaniac firebug with a nact for getting himself in issues, his morality is limited and for the most part doesn't care about anybody but himself, gunmaker and master of anything that goes 'boom', he longs for the day anybody will understand him or he can go back to life before he was put in a box,

BACKSTORY: he lived a fairly normal life as the animatronic of fredbear's family diner, his joy was cut short when after the diner closed down he was stuffed in a box for decades, silence damaging his sanity all together

Phantom Regina[]

Regina is essentially rocky but a phantom and a girl, (don't ask why he did it , he was just bored or something :p) he decided to open a bakery (strange decision) become a brony, and just try to live life casually among the others.

Baby Rocky[]

baby rocky is just that, a baby rocky , phantom regina was created when a oddity of reality distorting when rocky turned himself into baby rocky , and that broke the universe somehow creating strange rocky, when strange rocky died , phantom regina was created from strange rocky's soul, but enough about regina back to baby rocky: hes rocky, but a baby, AND HES FABOULOUS., that is it