Nitro's son second stage

Nitro's son

Quick Bio Edit

Nitro is a siberian husky animatronic who's created at Fredbear's era, which means he's as old as Springtrap. He didn't work there, but at another restaurant.

Appearance Edit

Nitro, is a male black white siberian husky with fierce ice blue eyes. He has three scratches torn on chest, hands fingers endoskeleton showing, legs fingers endoskeleton showing, he has sharp teeth, left shoulder ripped off showing endoskeleton, right upper arm have some little tears, scratches and torns on both legs, and a small cut on his right ear.

Personality Edit

He's sweet and caring for his son dearly, very tolerant, likes to meet new people, he can be curious sometimes.

Life Background Edit

Nitro was created to be used on other restaurant instead of Fredbear's Family Diner. He was very popular, and the restaurant got a good reputation too. During Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, something weird happened to him. He sees Shadow Bonnie, other animatronics can't see it for some unknown reason, which causing them to think that he has gone insane. He got bullied by Shadow Bonnie in so many ways, which caused him to go depressed.

One afternoon when he was working, on the road outside the restaurant, a boy is about to be being hit by a truck, so he dashes out quickly, and save the day. This made him became popular and very well-known. Out of jealousy, Shadow Bonnie starting to hurt him every night using sharp tools, especially knife. The engineers had to repair him everyday. Not long after that, the kid he saved before, is dead and found inside one of the animatronic from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.

The poor boy's fate really makes him sad, and Shadow Bonnie took advantage of that. Two days since he knew about the news, at that night, Shadow Bonnie appeared and make the kid's soul appeared before him, begging for help. Shadow Bonnie tortured the boy's soul, which finally snapped him off. He started to attack Shadow Bonnie, but it didn't work since Shadow Bonnie can teleport. Instead, he got attacked by Shadow Bonnie, he got cutted everywhere this time, and the final blow is a deep stab in his chest, which endoskeleton is visible from his torn suit, thus, he deactivated.

The restaurant tried their best to repair him, but it's not working at all. The restaurant had to put him down, which leads to lots of people feeling sad for his loss. He thus, is being displayed inside a display case due to his past where he saved someone.

Afterward Edit

Now the world abandoned, and he finally activates again. He traveled the desert until arrived at the camp where everyone is. He collapsed in front of Victoria's shared house, but no one was present that time. Rex and Licorice happened to pass by there, and took him to Foxy's ship. He's still in pretty bad condition due to his aged machinery and he has nightmare everytime he sleeps, which causing him to scream and yelling about taking revenge.

However, during his recovery, a group of angels already attacked and killed the Shadow Bonnie. This caused all of his nightmare gone and his revenge already accomplished indirectly. Now he lives in the ship along with Foxy, Flora, Dave, Rex, Licorice, and Mike.

Some times later, when he's running around the camp, he stepped on a sand that has hidden entrance, and slides way long down into a mysterious abandoned lab called N.E.V.E.C, which has three sections of the lab: Space Tech, Disease & Cures, and Civilian Center. However, he only exploring the Space Tech and Disease & Cures section of the lab. He got attacked by several monster, but managed to fight it somehow. Later, Rex and Licorice also slides down into the lab when looking for him. He walked up the stairs which led to 'Lab 16: Mutation and Experimentation' from Disease & Cures section. Got attacked by a monster when walking up the stairs, and rolled down, but climbs back again after attacked it.

When arrived, most of the creatures all of sudden leaves from there because of unknown sound from down there. There was a bunch of opened containment doors, blood and dead bodies, and a big metal door at the end that had a sign and it said:

Entity 22 containment chamber


be armed and ready at all times when entering this chamber

But Nitro didn't want to take any chances, so he just looking around the creatures that didn't run earlier. He saw a sad-looking creature, and at the same time, Rex texted him that him, Licorice, and Puppet are waiting in a dropship, so he hurried up, carrying the creature and running all the way to the hangar-1, and thus, they left using the dropship.

Now, he kept the monster not as a pet, but as his son.

At some time ago, Rocky raped him once. He hated him for that, but as time goes, he forgive Rocky, and starting to have crush on him.

Now, he's enjoying his everyday life with his son, and still having a crush on Rocky, trying to confess to him. He confessed and going out with Rocky as a secret couple now.

Notes Edit

Likes: his son, fellow canines (dogs, raccoons, foxes), Rex, Rocky, bones, being sorrounded by his friend and loved one, male animatronics

Dislikes: cats, irresponsible people, jerks, bullies, annoying people

Crush: Rocky (mainly), Rex (secondary, hopeless crush)

Friends: Rex, Licorice, Foxy, Rocky (bf). . . more coming soon

Hates: none yet

Trivia Edit

- His adoptive son still don't have a name until now

- Doesn't matter what, he loves his son with all of his heart, even though it's not his biological son

- His son communicate with him through special bond, that's why he understand his son's feelings and everything

- He's not friend with Krank since they only met twice

- The "very tolerant" is not a joke after all, since he actually forgive Rocky for raping him

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