A Lonely World RP Wiki

Jasmine doesn't speak, so there is no sayings or anything here.

Basic Information:

actually friends with Victoria and Jaqueline but they don't know it's her. Jasmine wouldn't live with the rest of the crew. She lives in an unknown place. If someone's in trouble, Jasmine would usually put something that would help in their mailbox and leave quickly. If it's too big she'll leave it In a box in front of their doorstep.


a girl in a black lace dress, and a large black hat, hiding all her facial features but her lips which usually has red or pink lipstick. She has straight bronde hair (mixture of brown and blonde).


kind, mysterious, nice, helps people without revealing her identity.


student/helping others.


helping people, black, people who are usually happy, etc.


people who are evil, depression, rude people, etc.