"That sounds... P-E-R-V-E-R-T-E-D"

(Jaqueline talking about a joke Phone Guy said)

Basic Information:

Jaqueline, nicknamed as Jaq (but narrating as Jaqueline is suggested), is a 16 year-old everyday teenager. Friends with Victoria and the rest of the animatronics. Jaqueline likes to play and do other stuff. She carries around a large backpack with really random but surprisingly essential things. She dated Mike once but they ended up separating.


A Brunette With long hair either in a bun or just lying on her shoulders. She usually switches outifts, no main outfit. She has blue eyes.


Hyper or unnatural when excited, can swear a lot when angry, easily tired and most likely to pass out.




Her backpack, people who like her, video games, etc.


Shadow Bonnie, people who dislike her, her backpack being heavy, etc.


Jaqueline is usually seen either playing around or asleep, she used to be a student in her school with Victoria and some more friends.

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