A picture of Foxy

"You shouldn't have done that"

-Foxy very angry at Hib for hurting Flora

Apperance Edit

The same as FNAF1 Foxy but his jaws are smaller

Personality Edit

Anger issues

Nice and sweet

Depression when sad

Backstory Edit

...FNAF1 Backstory here

Story so Far Edit

Foxy woke up in the abandoned attraction with Springtrap and some of his friends, the other of his friends are still deactivated at the moment but kept in a storage wagon...Foxy fell inlove with a girl named Flora few days after they met, but someone ALSO fell inlove with her, Rex...Foxy and Rex were rivals for a while until Flora choosen him over Rex...He also has a baby named Dave...He looks like Foxy and Flora but mainly Foxy

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes : Pirate stuff, nice people, play video games, be with Flora

Dislikes : Mean people, people that hates Flora.

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