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"Oh yeah, I forgot guys had those."

-Flora talking to Fadded in fight with Vincent

Note: This character is based off Twokinds comics and stuffz


Flora is quite childish, outgoing, and strong-willed


Tiger print arms, legs, hands, feet, face and tail although at the end of her tail is black and her bottom middle face is white . White front chest with a small tuff at the top.


Flora was built in Japan at a normally crowded factory (for some reason) she stayed there for a while played around with the animatronics. After ~1 year being built she is finally sent to America and peformed in a small festival for only a few days untill again shipped away. This time she was sent to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria where she never peformed but was always stored away.


  • Flora is 14 years old, and hates to be compared by human age
  • She is bisexual but sticks with Foxy
  • She is absolutely terrible at fighting but thinks she is anyway
  • She does lack knowledge but tries to find different ways of doing things creatively


Foxy - Flora and Foxy knew eachother for awhile and are know in a dating relationship

Fadded/Fiona - Fadded has been with Flora ever since she was built, though they could never talk untill she got older, they're are really good friends and they love to play around with eachother mostly Flora

Rocky Raccoon/Regina Raccoon  -  They have had quite a hard and confusing history together, from trying to kill Flora to sleeping with her, wierdly from all this they're still friends

Story So Far (with her)[]

(Not up to date.) Flora woke up in the new pizzeria which was really wierd. Not knowing the others were there she ventures out and comes back in just a short time. She is greeted by Foxy and the others. After a while the group goes out into the desert making some awkward bonds with Foxy along the way and seeing Mangle (erhm.) piss herself. She finds her self talking to... Herself, she gives the name in her voice Fadded. She always wanted to find lots of adventure and sets off wandering away from the group. This worrys Foxy and Rex who were by the time fighting over her. Fadded enters reality when Jaq persuades Flora to come back. Fadded always helped Flora make decisions as if an older brother, though Flora always messes with him. Flora had a drinking problem at the time. Some people kinda got pissed at Flora because she couldnt choose between Rex or Foxy. After a while she always missed out on the action which made her annoyed sometimes. She finally chooses Foxy over Rex and they create bebe. (My memory isint so strong :L no judge.)