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Felix, Pewds, Poods, Poodiepie, or even Pewdiepie is a 25 year-old very popular YouTuber. He plays a lot of horror games even though he is scared often by them, to the point where he quits and starts crying or looking at pictures of cute kitties and puppies. He also plays other games. He would often make jokes, swear over the course of his videos, scream when something scary pops out and chases him, and sometimes begins to subconsciously speak in Swedish when he would get scared or extremely angry.

Maya is a pet dog that belongs to PewDiePie. She is a Pug who had an accident with a cat, causing her to only have one eye. Maya is sometimes being featured in either PewDiePie's videos or Marzia's videos.

Edgar is his second pet dog.

he says that he got into this place because he was taking Edgar and Maya out, but a portal got out of nowhere and took him there.

Pewds and his pugs.