Erron Black is a crossover character from the popular fighting video game franchise "Mortal Kombat". In an alternate timeline of "A Lonely World", he was hired as a hitman from Engineer to kill Scout for his wicked ways. He accepts the job after being paid 10,000 worth of gold coins. He chased Scout around until he tracked him down to Deadpool's crib hotel thingy (As Deadpool once called it). After this he was knocked out by Sonic and killed by him accidentally. After this, Xira used her technology to bring him back to life. However, he had great amnesia and currently has no memory of his past life. After Doomsday entered the dimension through a portal, Deadpool took a great pounding from him for making fun of him. Erron came around to break up the fight by throwing a sand bomb on the ground, causing a sandstorm and blinding Doomsday. He then fired a pistol round in his head and bringing him into the new facility. After a few days, Xira was in the hot tub as Erron went into it as well. Shadow was into Xira at the time so Erron hugged Xira to make Shadow jealous. He somehow got into Shadow's mind and told him that Shadow would never make it with her. Xira then left and Erron acted natural in the hot tub. It is unknown where he is as of right now, however, it was assumed by Deathstroke that he had went aboard Urban Underground, the earth' mothership to fight in the war of The Space Armada.
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