Quick Bio Edit

Elena Orlov (16), is a Russian-American tomboy who likes to ride her motorbike at nearly full speed. She has met lots of interesting people, from A to Z types of people.

Appearance Edit

160 Cm tall, slim body with B-cup chest, white shirt with leather jacket, jeans shorts, knee-high heeled black leather boots, shoulder length blonde hair with bangs nearly touching her eyebrows, blue eyes, a mole below her right eye

Personality Edit

Very open and whatever type, she's doing things without hesitation and think it over most of times, pretty much care for her friends, especially boys since she's the bro type, acts pretty much like a boy, nice but in a crude way

On the other side, she can be girly, even her room is pink with lots of frills and plushies(!)

Life Background Edit

Elena was the youngest of all siblings, her birth was unintentional. When she was 2, something happened to her family, but they can't take her with them since it's too risky, so her parents gave to Daniel the security guard, who was their friend.

Since then, she has been taken care by Daniel. Not really the best way, but Daniel tried his best to care for her even though it's a bit screwed up. She treated him like her own father even though Daniel is a drunkard.

As she grew up, she learned how to take care of herself and doing the house chores. She spent her time crafting decorations for some extra cash when not busy.

She owned her racing motorbike when was 12 from her own income, which is pretty surprising. she learned how to drive by herself. She doesn't have driving license.

She was taught some basic defense move by Daniel, and took course in karate and taekwondo. Very good in defensing herself.

when she was 15, Daniel gone all of sudden, and she has been searching for him for a year, and now she found him, but Daniel doesn't remember her for some reason.

She met Mike and some people of the camp, even the legendary Vincent.

Notes Edit

Likes: plushies, cute things, her motorbike, riding in full speed, nice people, harmless prank, animatronics, sweets, helping people out

Dislikes: irresponsible people, jerks, bullies, annoying people

Crush: none yet (it's Mike, but not yet)

Friends: none yet, only met some people but not friends yet

Hates: none yet

Trivia Edit

- Her last name 'Orlov' means 'Eagle' in Russian

- Considering her tomboy-ness, she doesn't like cockroaches

- She's only 3 months younger from Mike

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