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• 4/20/2015

A Lonely World (Alternative Timeline) : Part 7

I pulled this out of the FNAF wiki and brought it here and renamed it. So basically this is just an alternate timeline to "A Lonely World" with crossovers. If you guys don't like how the story is going so far then I could have it arranged if everybody can agree with the change.

How it works

The story takes a turn after a neuclear warhead activates somewhere around the earth and every part of the world, including Freddy's, was destroyed. Some souls were spared somehow and all life as we know it has been destroyed. However, it may not be possible to live peacefully due to the fact that many others from alternate dimensions have somehow got sucked into our reality. Can Freddy and his friends make peace with these newcomers and repopulate the world?


1. Be realistic. If you were to bring OP characters into the dimension then you might as well have them be able to be defeated somehow. Also by realism I mean no crap from fan fiction or youmessed up little minds or sh*t from the internet. So things like Dorritos, Mountin Dew, Weed, Shrek, all of those things are allowed. Just don't portray them how they are portrayed on the internet. So I basically mean that Shrek doesn't have unnatural powers and isn't the "ogre lord" and you can't "MLG no scope a scrub's head off" because you will be banned by an admin if necessary. Of course we would have to call that admin first.

2. Don't be overpowered. If your character is overpowered then you must have some weaknesses or toned down/removed abilities so we can be fair. If one of my characters are too OP then please tell me, that was a mistake I made in one of my last roleplays.

3. Be kind to eachother. It's fine if your characters in the roleplay are mean to eachother but in reality... NOPE.

4. Swearing and relations/relationships are allowed. You can censor the swearing by choice but no describing the sexual things, I don't want this to turn into a porno.

5. Killing is allowed. I'm trying to have the characters be nice to one another but you can have rivals too. Just make sure the roleplayer controlling said character is ok with them dying. Don't be a dick, let 1 or 2 of your characters die every one in a while. But don't worry, they will be resurrected if you'd like.

6. One person per role. Anybody volunteers trying to borrow a role for a short time or "steal" it will be declined.

7. OC's and crossover characters are allowed too. You can have as many to use as you'd like. So basically in other words, unlimited OC/crossover roles.

Roles (N/A means the role isn't taken)

Freddy - Demonic BB/Guillo D

Bonnie - SwizzySwag

Chica - N/A

Foxy - Bacon666

Golden Freddy - N/A

Toy Freddy - N/A

Toy Bonnie - BrokenReality

Toy Chica - N/A

Toy Foxy (aka Pre-Mangle) - N/A

Balloon Boy - N/A

The Puppet - Bluesarethebest

SpringTrap - TheSc00t895 (me)

Phantom Freddy - N/A

Phantom Chica - N/A

Phantom Foxy - N/A

Phantom Mangle - N/A

Phantom BB - N/A

Phantom Puppet - N/A

Mike Schmidt- N/A

Jeremy Fitzgerald - N/A

Fritz Smith - Drpizzadelivery

Purple Guy - N/A

Phone Guy - N/A


Xira (Robot) (TheSc00t895)

Unknown (Animatronic) (The gamer kid)

Shadow (Hyper Nintendo)







Sean Parks-Drpizzadelivery

Jennifer Price-Drpizzadelivery

Crossover characters

Yonaka Kurai (Human) (BrokenReality)

Moge~ko (Supernatural) (BrokenReality)

PewDiePie (Human) (Monira777)

Leopold (Fluff-Ball) (Monira777)

Deathstroke (Human) (TheSc00t895)

Deadpool (Mutant) (TheSc00t895)

Scorpion (Supernatural) (TheSc00t895)

Ara Haan (Eun) (Manns422)

Eve (Manns442)

Akuma (Human) (The gamer kid)

jacksepticeye (Human) (The gamer kid)

Brian O' Connor (Human) (Drpizzadelivery)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Hedgehog) (Bacon666)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Hedgehog) (Bacon666)

Sub Zero (Human) (TheSc00t895)

Mile "Tails" Prower (Fox) (Bacon666)

Dr.Ivo Robotnik (Human) (Bacon666)

The Angry Video Game Nerd (Human) (Drpizzadelivery)

Hanako Ikezawa (Human) (Drpizzadelivery)

Herobrine (No-Blocky Human) (Thatoneherobrine)

Franklin Clinton (Human) (Drpizzadelivery)

Lamar Davis (Human) (Drpizzadelivery)

Niko Bellic (Human) (Drpizzadelivery)

Carl "CJ" Johnson (Human) (Drpizzadelivery)

Tommy Vercetti (Human) (Drpizzadelivery)

Mario (Human) (Demonic BB/Guillo D)


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Demonic BB
User Q
The gamer kid
• 4/21/2015
Thatoneherobrine wrote:
Herobrine: quote "herobrine" does that tell or remind you of anything

• 4/21/2015

Eve: In your face suckah...


Eve: Well I gotta go... thanks or the fun anyways... bye... *She blushes*

Elboy: Dude single forever

• 4/21/2015

"It's okay...And you shut up >_>"

• 4/22/2015
  • Eve walks away and Elsword sighs*

Elsword: You'll never get her... as a girlfriend, and I can teach you

  • Kira sees Eve*

Kira: Hello... Where have you been?

Eve: Well I had fun with Foxy... and it was great

Kira: I see...

Eve: So... What does your world look like?

Kira: It looks like it is fun in that world, people's dream come true in there, everytime they imagine... it becomes true

• 4/22/2015

Foxy blushed "I-It's not like i want her a-as a girlfriend" Of course Foxy lied

• 4/22/2015

(Mario and Freddy.)

• 4/22/2015

(Aight! Characters accepted)

• 4/22/2015
Freddy walks out of a house and looks around.
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