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Krank the Gamer Coyote
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• 4/10/2015

A Lonely World 3 : Part 11


1. Be realistic. You know what that is, right?

2. Only 1 role per person.

3. Human and animatronic OCs are allowed, they will be discovered when the crew wander around the world, and discover places.

4. You can have 1 normal role and unlimited OC roles at the same time. Just don't have too many OC roles.

5. Swearing is allowed.

6. Romance and sex are allowed, just nothing nasty 3:

7. No puppeteering. Replies that don't count are ones that are made by people who don't even have roles.

8. If you are too inactive, you will lose your role. You can get it back if you couldn't get back to the roleplay before you lost it.

9. No being overpowered. Your OC or normal role cannot kill people without being hurt. For example: "My guy got mad at Foxy and punched his head off. Freddy lunged at him but he punched a hole in Freddy's chest."

Roles - N/A means it's not taken

Freddy - N/A

Bonnie - N/A

Chica - N/A

Foxy - Bacon666 (me)

Golden Freddy - N/A

Toy Freddy - Toy Freddy (N/A?)

Toy Bonnie - Monira777

Toy Chica - N/A

Mangle - N/A

Balloon Boy - N/A

The Puppet - Thatoneherobrine

SpringTrap - Sc00t895

Golden Toy Freddy - N/A

Phantom Freddy - N/A

Phantom BB - N/A

Phantom Chica - N/A

Phantom Foxy - N/A

Phantom Mangle - N/A

Phantom Puppet - N/A

Mike Shmidt - N/A

Jeremy Fitzgerald - N/A

Fritz Smith - Drpizzadelivery

Phone Guy - Fadded

Purple Guy - LogicalAnalyst47 (N/A?)

Human OC creations

1. Vicky Ruth (Caroline)

2. Serenity Ruth

3. Jaquelin Thompson

4. Daniel Williams

5. Xavier "X" Munroe

6. Alana Smith

7. Ryan Jameson

8. Mike

9. Victoria King

10. Tyler

11. Joanna

12. Brooke StarFire

13. Andrew Reynolds

14. Maria Reynolds

15. Victor King

16. David Spear

17. Joseph

18. Mason

19. ??? (Demon possesing Mike)

20. ??? (Black Shadow)

21. Dan Maximillan

22. Thomas Smith

23. Rick ???

24. Luis Smith

25. Xira

26. Mark(plier)

27. Paul

28. Frank

Animatronic OC creations

1. Flora

2. Withered Rex

3. Rocky Racoon

4. Unknown

5. Bruce the T-rex

6. Hib

7. Fadded the Puma

8. Krank the Gamer Coyote

9. Licorice the Dog

10. Nitro the Husky

11. Dave

12. Sophia

13. Creep the Creeper

Human OC creation





Picture (optional):


Occupation (job):

Likes and dislikes (things and other characters):

Animatronic OC creation




Picture (optional)


Occupation (job):

Likes and dislikes:

Top Roleplayers

1. Monira777

2. Mrnewvegasfallout

3. SwizzySwag

4. Krank the gamer Coyote

5. Drpizzadelivery ................

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Krank the Gamer Coyote
User Q
• 4/11/2015

"Rexxy, what happened when I'm deactivated?"

Nitro yawns

Krank gets out from Victoria's house and wanders around

• 4/11/2015
"A animatronic named Springtrap came back after disapearing for a long while"
• 4/11/2015

This is warbird 2-5 heading in on L-Z over

This is overlord we have your position marked on radar 

Warbird 2-5: over and out

• 4/11/2015

"And who's this Springtrap?"

Nitro gets out from his room, wandering around ship's halls

• 4/11/2015
"An withered golden bonnie animatronic"
• 4/11/2015

Nitro happened to pass by Rex's room and overheard, ". . . what?"

"Golden Bonnie? Never heard of him before"

• 4/11/2015

"Yeah...He's a jerk and tries to scare everyone around him...So...If he tries to scare you, just ignore him" Rex gets up

• 4/11/2015

This is warbird 2-5, we have no visuals on the cannibals, and their village seems abanded with multiple explosive craters and abanded vehicles

overlord: we read you loud and clear investigate the area

Warbird(2-5): copy that, droping charlie squad-A

Warbird(2-6): droping delta squad-B

• 4/11/2015

(Creating new Part)

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